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Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Movie Meme VI

Topic for this week is Steamy Love Scenes...

What movies have fogged up your screens? Well, to be honest, a whole lot! But since I restrict myself from only my top 5, here's to cut my long list... Enjoy!

1. Legends of the Fall (1994) - Tristan... his name will linger in your head even after this movie is way over. (Well if you are a woman though) And of course, played by none other than Bradd Pitt. This was the time he got that name "sexiest man alive".

2. Desperado (1995) - Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek... makes you wanna think that all assassins kill for a good reason. (LOL)

3. Swim Fan (2002) - of course the plot behind the movie is kinda a rip off from Fatal Attraction, but since I couldn't add that movie here because the Bumbles had it listed already, then the next best thing to it would be this.

4. Unfaithful (2002) - There are oh so many hot scenes here but what totally fogged my screen is the first time Dianne Lane / Sonnie Summer cheated on her husband and the apartment hallway scene. Need I say more?

5. Basic Instinct (1992) - hottest girl-on-top scene ever filmed for the big screen. I must say, I got tips from Sharon Stone's moves. *winks*

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*Movie Meme was created by The Bumbles