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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Transport

1. Some of you may have noticed that a new item was added on my sidebar. Yes, I recently joined Entrecard. I totally do not have any idea on how to use it, but thanks to Herby, I know a little bit more! And some tips on how to increase your ec price.

2. Another nice widget that I have found was Top Commenters! A nice find huh and I thought this was only possible through Wordpress. It took me a while to get the code working because of the url glitch from the site. They set it up to automatic add to your blog layout but you have to go to the script itself to change the "http" thing before the list displays.

3. I would also like to thank Bikran from n95 Pictures, for being so sweet and thoughtful. He gave me an advice about the conflict of having EasyH1ts4u and Google. Now I need to dig deeper into this and see if it is advisable to remove one of both. I still need to decide who though, just in case

4. Now off to my non-online life, I'd like to thank a colleague for lending me a hand in preparation to a small talk / seminar I have to attend to. Not only did he provide a transportation but also I hope I have provided him awareness of the current situation that women faces in my country. (Well, I will talk more about this on the coming days)

5. Lastly today, I recently visited Vixen Kitten and placed a small thank you note on her blog. For those who doesn't know her yet, she is the one who introduced this idea of thanking 5 things in a day by posting it on a blog. Her wonderful idea that she shared helped me in so many ways. Making this blog has transported me to a new direction and is so life changing for me. I have opened my eyes to more positive things and even simple things in life gives me pleasure now, which I never really paid attention to before. I am ever grateful for A Grateful Heart!