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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Spin

1. First, for an email I received stating that the banners I made for BYBS are all beautiful except that I misspelled "Blessings" as "Blesings" LOL How stupid huh!? Anyway, Thanks to Bruce! XoXoX ...Now I have edited and changed the banners and made a new one for this week.

2. For AVG (lol) - Well if it wasn't for its Malware detection, I wouldn't have upgraded to the AVG 8.5 version

3. For the whirlwind and spinning adventurous week I just had. Now it's off to going back to the real world of paperwork and corporate attire! Ugh. Should I think this?

4. For Take n' Bake pizzas! Hmmm, like a friend, always there and ready when you need 'em.

5. And for my four new followers, Joyuna, mjane73 or Jane from Life is What You Make It and.. Jane and Britty ~ although, I hope you leave a comment here with your blog url so I can link and follow the two of you too!

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