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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slurpy Saturday

1. Today, the color blue is just not such a sad color. I actually saw a blue daisy on the road and it was a beauty!

2. That daisy was a sign of good things to come! And yeah, I am thankful for this positive aura I have today.

3. I visited my cousin today. She wanted me to assist her in her "job issues". And it's simply great to feel that people trust you huh.

4. For the peach and apple pie that my cousin made. It was simply delectable! The way the syrup drips slowly on my finger is irresistible not to lick! *wink*

5. Now, I may have brought paperworks at home (courtesy of my cousin) but I sure glad I could help. Besides, what am I to do tomorrow?

*kisses to All!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Freedom

1. My best friend is living 2 countries away from me now, and it has been hard for me to not talk, shop and just plainly go out with her. But today, I am thankful, because she sent me a postcard. Although I just couldn't imagine the cold weather she is experiencing right now. Whoooh!

2. Finally! A call from my boyfriend. We share a complicated relationship and I guess this path that we chose is difficult. But still, we are coping up. And, it IS exciting! Besides, we still enjoy the benefits of our "freedom".

3. Thanks for making me feel the rush once again!

4. Despite my urge to not go to work today, I still had the energy to. And I am thankful for that.

5. And lastly, plain and simple: TGIF!!

XoXoX to All!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Turn-around

1. I guess one cause of my feeling down in the dumps lately is because of my boss. Coz today that he is not around, I feel relaxed and at ease. *sigh* Thank goodness...

2. And for chocolate brownie cupcakes

3. with Whipped Cream!

4. And I really have to agree that little things in life can make us happy. Thanks for the Email from a dear friend from Asia. He made my day brighter!

5. To my 2 new followers: Harmony and Wiggy! Smooches to you both!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Woah!

1. I love shopping, and depression kicks in sometimes, but thank goodness I am not a shopaholic like this lady

2. I am also thankful for finding these cute and amazing circled daisies at flickr.

3. I am full of links today, but I am most thankful for linking back to some old online flame. XOXOX to Crim! Maybe we have more in common than we think, huh?

4. And today I feel better than yesterday and Monday. The more the last weekend goes further, the more I feel better. Well, don't ask me why. Let's just say that there are still "things" that I keep to myself.

5. So, for my last but not the least entry for today goes to a secret admirer who sent me a very sweet email a few days back. He has read my daisyexperiment's entire blog! You know who you are, and thank you! You really made my day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tumid Tuesday

1. Thankfully, I feel better today than yesterday. I would like to blame the weather, but the weather is fine.

2. And yeah, thank you for the fine weather. My laundry would dry up sooner than I estimated.

3. So now I'm back to blogging huh? How long will it last? How long will I last? I surely don't know, but thank you for my readers who find it amusing to be here. Thanks for sharing some wasted time with me! Ha!

4. Oh, and yeah I just got 150 banner credits at Easyhits4u! Which gives me a total of 3,600 unused banner impressions. Nice...

5. And here's to the two guys who boosted up my day! I have 2 new followers, Kamasura and Amenwolf. Thanks guys! You are totally sweet!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Melancholic Mondays

You know how Monday gives you the blues sometimes? Yes, I have that today. But not everyday should be a cheerful and thankful day. I guess sometimes, we also have to be thankful for feeling blue? I should, I know!

So here are the things I am thankful for today...

1. For my melancholy that I finally urged myself to take a breather and pay attention to my blogs.

2. For sadness, that makes me appreciate little things more.

3. For grief that made me see how beautiful dark shadows can be.

4. For loneliness, that made me aware that I am better off without them!

5. For the feeling of being at the bottom that makes me realize that tomorrow would be a better day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Six

You know I am still thankful each day even if I skipped posting yesterday, right? Yes? Please believe me, with sugar coating on top? xxx

Today marks the 6 year birthday of the best Traffic Exchange Program I have seen! So let me celebrate this 6 years too! By adding a 6th thing to be thankful for.

1. First, let me show off my thankfulness to the No. 1 traffic generator of this blog, EasyHits4u! They not only bring people to your site, they also pay you for surfing! And not only with credits, but also with CA$H. And to read more about their birthday treat, read my post here

2. And, despite my urge to tease the title of today's post and change the "I" to "E", I am thankful I resist temptation! HA!! Although I can't move on without mentioning that nice assonance... thirstday thursday sixth sex. *wink*

3. I like my new look here so much I wanna thank the original code creator once again! Smooches to FinalSense

4. I have created a new system at work where everything is so scheduled on the dot that I let time pass so quickly that I do not realize it has been hours already! I find it so effective that not only do I see my accomplishments throughout the day, but also organize things by making a short summary or version through cutting down a larger work. (uhm, uhuh, boring business stuff, I know!)

5. I also know I hate the new boss, but let me thank him still. Because he contributed to this "system" in a way. But please take note that I have not and not planned on saying it directly to him. I am not a kiss-ass! Well, I better not mark my word yet though. LOL

6. And lastly, speaking of work, let me also mention that it is my 6th year as well at my present job. And I must admit, I am thankful for this roller-coaster ride of a career!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thinking Tuesday

And here I am again, a week delayed on my posts. How will I ever learn to change?

Thus despite my hectic schedule, let me treat everybody with an eye candy! Welcome to the new layout of Inlove with Daisies! *kudos* for myself. And *smooches* for everyone!

And, of course, the idea of having this day as another thankful five will not disappear. So here goes..... I am thankful today...

1. first, for those who have been placing comments and emailing me while I'm away from the blogosphere.

2. and of course, another day of being alive and healthy.

3. For having the patience of learning the new thing which is XML. Yeehaw!

4. I guess I should thank my inability to fall asleep, which lead into deep thoughts, which led into having the idea of changing my look (well, at least for this blog).

5. Lastly, for the new template altogether!

Hope everyone likes their stay here. Go on, feel free to scroll down and read more.

Bonus treat: Guess what? Have you noticed anything else different around here? *wink*


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday Training

1. And I can't believe that on my first day of work, there is already a backlog. But thankfully, I can bring some stuff home.

2. Now I'm working at home too. Duh, thank goodness for Wifi!

3. I checked Battle of the Blogs and see I won on my second try too! Thank you BOTB and the voters!

4. for the additional 42 credits I won and added to my Blog Explosion account.

5. Hmm... what else but for another challenging day. Today is the start of going back to the real world.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Mountains

1. First day of work for this year and I'm off. Ha! Thank goodness for work slowdown. What a way to start the year huh.

2. Thank You for breakfast muffins!

3. For a surprising message from a friend and colleague. Apparently, I'm not the only one who opted to not show up today.

4. And I'm off with a sweet adventure up the Signal Hill with a friend. Okay, maybe we will just hike and explore some nearby trails instead.

5. Thanks to online maps like this: Signal Hill

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Spree

1. For the fruit salad I made last night. My breakfast is just soothing. A nice & healthy way to start the day.

2. And while peeking on my kitchen window, I saw that the doctor next door had a girl visitor. I guess she's the girlfriend. And should I thank that he has one? Yeah...

3. Now let me go back in checking my work emails. Hmmm... there is a possibility that I can skip work tomorrow. Yes!

4. For not feeling lazy today! Because...

5. today is Shopping Day!!! See y'all tomorrow!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sweeping Saturday

1. First, thanks for more fireworks that looks like daisies!

2. And, I forgot to inform you, as promised from my Free Friday post that I have won my first battle at Battle of the Blogs. And thanks for those who voted for me!

3. Now just for surfing today at Blog Explosion, I won 25 credits! Wow!

4. Now I should get away from my PC to overhaul my house! LOL. Thank goodness for calendar post-its I got last Christmas!

5. For the time I have today to clean up my house. Sweep the dust away and throw the memories from my old pile of junk.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Fireworks

1. For more daisy flower fireworks found at flickr. They are so gorgeous I think I should have one for each day this week.

2. For the doctor just moved in nextdoor. It was quite awkward this time of year but I cannot skip a good welcoming in behalf of the neighborhood.

3. No, I don't need new adventures. Yet. I need to know more about him still. Besides, he has a cute puppy. Now that is something to thank for. There is distraction. LOL.

4. For homemade pies. I just like making pies with blueberries and cheese. Especially if there is someone to share it with. *wink*

5. For new "fireworks" in my head before I go to sleep tonight. If you know what I mean.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So here I am again skipping some days from my promised daily blog. Ho hum.... What's new Daisy?

For starters, let me greet y'all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

And for a slight change today, instead of the usual daisy flower, I search on flickr for daisy fireworks! Neat huh?

And another change exclusively for today, instead of 5 things to thank, I will be posting 5 new year's resolution. So I cross my fingers and legs(!) in hopes that I will live to these promises to myself.

1. Quit Smoking, except when drinking! (Some people promise to themselves to quit smoking every year but fail. In my case, I never tried quitting smoking so let's have it try, gradually that is, ha!)

2. Not to get late in voluntary work! (Well, these includes jobs that I don't get paid for plus a few favors here ad there)

3. Not to live with the past and learn to move on. (This is harder in reality, I guess. One sign that I moved on with an experience is when I write about it on my first blog Daisy Experiment. I seemed to get stuck with the story of D. All because, deep in myself, I feel I am still.)

4. Appreciate life more and be vocal about it. (This one I do,in this blog, that's why I scratched the first part. But I have to be consistent in being vocal about it.)

5. Lastly, make 365 posts on this blog this year. Less one (for today) and 364 to go.

So for those who would like to be a witness to this new phase of my life, feel free to "Follow this blog" or bookmark me. If you leave a trace that you did so, your link will be shown here as well.

And I won't last a day without thanking something or someone. So here goes...

Thank You for reading me, All You Little Stalkers! XoXoX