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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Wishes IV

I literally fell asleep in front of my PC a few hours back. Now I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of what 5 wishes I should post today.

First, I have updated my former wishes with a check or a cross to mark my accomplishments. And for the almost done thing or "pending" ones I placed a question mark

Now going to my wishes this week... whether it's something I wish to happen or wish to do, my 5 priorities for this week are:

1. I mentioned a few weeks back about a winning alot of banner impressions. Now I wish to finish making at least one for this blog and my other non-naughty blog, Life Needs Retouches. I am pretty sure I'd be looking for make-up/lipstick images for these.

2. I have earned (as of writing) a total of $26.57 from EasyH1ts4u and was able to cash out $10.26 through my paypal. Now all I need to do is make a post of it with screen shots of the payment transactions. And I need this done before I even try to cash out for the 3rd time.

3. Post the next story up at my first blog, where I write about the shenanigans and escapades I have been doing in my life. It's my life, my confessions, my autobiography, written in a graphical and no-holds-barred way. (For those who happened to be unaware of this side of me, sorry but only 18 years old and above are allowed to read)

4. I have been supporting this local organization for a few weeks now and I would really like to spread the word about it. So I wish I could finish up at least a post or two about them (and add other groups to not pinpoint my true identity) and promote their mission. Hopefully, I can gather up donations from my online friends and would personally hand the money to them.

5. More sleep. I should require myself to sleep longer at least for each day this week. For the past couple of weeks, after my office work, I go straight to my volunteer work. Sometimes I stay up way past midnight for it, sometimes I even do not sleep in my own loft.

Now all these should be done by this time next week. Wish me luck!