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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Wishes VI

And here comes another week for wishes. Last week I wished for something serious and impossible to know or come true.

This time I wanna take things to the lighter side. I tend to run away from my realities by being busy online. So these are the things that I would like to accomplish this week. (Some may be simple and easy for others and if anyone wants to help, I'd gladly accept it!)

I wish to...

1. Finish downloading the movies in my queue at Bi-Torrents, now known Bitenova.

2. Learn how to add my other blog, Life Needs Retouches at my entrecard account.

3. Finish the pending blog layouts that I am experimenting on. Including upgrading the Classic Templates to XML / Beta that will look almost exactly the same (except for the widget-friendly add-ons).

4. finish reading the book that my colleague lent me, "On Wine and Hashish" by Charles Baudelaire.

5. Lastly, I wish that someone will buy an ad space on my blog for only $1 through payapl! It's gonna be a permanent link, I promise!