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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Story Sunday

1. Another get-together with the family today. It's been a tradition to meet up this way every year and memories come in mind both bad and good. But for now, let me thank for the good memories. Only.

2. Ok, on second thought, to come together with my self-cleansing (oh yeah!) I need to thank the bad memories as well. I guess I won't be strong as now if it wasn't for them. I just wish that some things be permanently deleted from my head.

3. Oh well! Let's see later. Let me just thank the opportunity to see another fun day ahead.

4. And the lovely sunset that greeted me as I woke up. How the sun's rays softly glistened by my window's curtains.

5. And oh, I am in charge of the flower arrangements today. So thank you for my name and the flower it represents.....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Soaked Saturday

1. Despite having a free day yesterday, a surprising visitor knocked on my door last night. Now here's to thank a short and soaking night! (if you know what I mean)

2. For the wonderful breakfast in bed that woke me up. A good old home made coffee beats up all the stress of the past nights!

3. For the yellow daisy next to my pillow with a little note with comforting touching words.

4. For such happiness that I sometimes feel I don't deserve. But he tells me that I deserve more.

5. Am I inlove? Now I like to thank that question which has no other answers til now. Daisy is ALWAYS inlove.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Free Friday

1. It's been going on for quite some time and I haven't noticed. But now I wanna thank my second stalker (*giggle*) John Finn! Smooches @ John!

2. Now if YOU follow me, I follow you too! And here's thanking those who did publicly and anonymously.

3. For my first Blogexplosion Battle of the Blogs. It's worth a shot and I will see the results later. I shall update tomorrow if I won or not.

4. And I'm looking at my BE referrals. Only two. But better than none huh. So thanks to Atilla and fcynyr!

5. Finally, for today, thanks for the free days off from work and play that I have time for myself to relax, blog a little, visit some sites and just have a simple quiet time.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holidays with Daisies

1. Continuing my everyday deed of thankfulness... I would firstly like to thank all those who gave me gifts this Christmas! XOXOX to all!

2. And for the virtual gifts I got as well. A small greeting is greatly appreciated too!

3. For the next shipment of a package from my boyfriend. Who knows! Next Christmas we might spend the night in each other's arms........

4. For the little kids of my aunts, siblings and relatives. They are all adorable and sweet! The little naughty ones aren't left ignored by me though. Ha!

5. For the fine weather we have, a little drizzle is not bad compared to a snow storm! It's always sunny in this part of the world.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Daisy

I'm baaaaaaack!

It's been weeks since I last updated. And I know I promised myself to write here daily. First, I wanna apologize for anyone who kept on coming back to read but just see the same old stuff. I had a vacation off the computer for a while but now I am back. Hopefully for more time.

And although I missed on some days, everyday is still a day that I am thankful for. And here goes......

1. For waking up with a bright new day. More things to do more places to go to. More people to see.

2. For having a blast in my vacation!

3. For the trip to my gamps later. You gotta admit, after all these years, sometimes we miss our old folks.

4. For Christmas Vacation. More free days! Yeah!

5. For Christmas day... Merry Christmas to all those who believe! And Happy Holidays to the rest of the world.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Slowdown

1. I know I promised to update this blog daily. But here's again to thank all those who have visited me and actually read me.

2. for having this blog as a hobby. I will be on a short vacation for the next days but this is such a habit already that I will still update daily on my journal and post them soon as I get back.

3. for the vacation I will have.

4. for the new mobile phone that I just bought for myself.

5. for daisies.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Frenzy

1. I'm off to a Christmas rush sale! Hopefully I get there on time and with less crowd and more items to choose than last year. But I am thankful for the list that I have made already.

2. for my girlfriend who will be with me as we go shopping!

3. for my boss who allowed me to take a leave today.

4. for the pile of work that I was able to endorse with style.

5. and thank you thank you for interns! Hah!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Twenty Five!

1. Here's to you all dear readers! And I'm firstly thankful for this cool shot! *hint hint*

2. for this day.... and this blog post.... This is my 25th day of blogging about the things I am thankful for everyday!

3. for the invisible readers who have been here through system generated traffic or by own free will.

4. for the 1200 visitors I had in less than a month.

5. mostly for link "The Page has Moved" (lol) under my flower power sidebar. Now, celebrate with me and click this to get Real 1:1 Traffic Exchange Ratio. No limits to surf and earn!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Weakness

1. The long weekend I had just makes me want to stop everything and be free! I want to move to another place and do other things. Maybe quit my swinging adventures too. But I am thankful I am still sane.

2. for the little things in life that I adore.... like cute puppies!

3. for cotton candies.

4. for ice cream.

5. for big warm hugs!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Trouble

1. for not having any troubles in my head since I thought I was pregnant.

2. for the quick kiss I got from my colleague who gave me that quicky last time. Haha! I still find it bit sweet you know.

3. for the relaxing bubble bath I had soon as I got home. I highly recommend lavender scented candles and bath soaks.

4. for this lewd Sunday school teacher who was caught and arrested. Hopefully male teachers who do the same would be too.

5. for the interesting blog, Passing Judgment that I found over at BlogExplosion. I hope BE approves this blog soon though.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Focus

1. after that long sweet weekend, I can't help but think about more in the future. But looking at my handsome boss, a little wink here and there and I can't resist.

2. for the bulk of papers on my desk today. It leaves me no choice but to focus and finish things instead of falling for my cravings. Even though sometimes it's dangerously fun though.

3. for the invention of the fax machine. Oh you wouldn't know how helpful it is here. Ha!

4. for the music coming from elevators. It makes you think of things. Haha!

5. for a beautiful and adventurous life.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Open Up Sundays

1. for not being able to stop and talk about my boyfriend. OK, he may live a couple of states away, but he still visits me as much as he can.

2. for the feeling of being pursued. You know I can't help myself but fall for the stalkers sometimes.

3. one last take off before his plane takes off! Yeah airport girly powder rooms are handy sometimes. I just hope I wasn't that noisy *winks*

4. no more slowing down starting tomorrow now! ROTBL!

5. for the secrecy of my blogs that I can be as naughty or as sweet as I want. With no pretensions whatsoever!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Simply Saturday

1. for the long weekend away from it all.

2. for the expectantly no crowd in the beach at night! They are all having their BBQ's at home ai?

3. for that long stroll by the sand and the sea. Long conversations and romantic touches, stares and kisses.

4. for my boyfriend who makes me realize that I can slow down and have a vacation from "Swingville" too. But shall I stay too long away from it? That, I'm not quite sure and ready yet.

5. for a beautiful beautiful sunset.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Furry Friday

1. for the beautiful fancy gift from my boyfriend. No.1 is thanking for the thought.

2. Second, is thanking for the gift. Nope it's not a diamond ring given on a bended knee. Geesh! It's just a fur coat. Not that it's cold where I live. He imagined it just looks sexy on me, he said.

3. for having an average temperature of 24 degrees. Let me see... I can still wear the coat. With nothing under it. *winks*

4. for the sun and the weather here. I don't need to visit a tanning spa. Everything is natural.

5. for natural beauty. Nothing beats the real thang. Don't you agree?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday Time Out

1. My boyfriend arrives today!

2. for an early start of the day! And I mean 4am early! So I'm up too soon for a little thanksgiving cleaning and cooking.

3. Uhg! Not that I'm not fond of cooking. But how I wish for a man who would cook for me! I'm thanking in the future for future volunteers. Anyone?

4. for the good day I'm seeing ahead. No swinging party though, I have to stay pure today.

5. Not! ROTBL.......

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday in Waiting

1. for a fan mail from a girl named Tracy. She said, and I quote, "you certainly have a sassy, smart, and yet discerning taste when it comes to..."(ehem, some words deliberately deleted) "I applaud that. I feel sex in society today has been swept under the rug, instead of being celebrated!" and I certainly agree!

2. Now I joined a site Tracy is working for to become a reviewer of their "toys" (if you know what I mean). So I'm hoping they pick me. And that I will have time for that indeed.

3. Another thing that I'm waiting for is my boyfriend to come visit me again for the long weekend.

4. No work tomorrow!!!! Ooh Yeah Baby!

5. Thanks for Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crowded Tuesday

1. Who's up for challenges? I am. And I'm thankful for that....

2. for my sarcasm sometimes, that either gets me to trouble or a ton of nodding heads.

3. and speaking of "heads" (ehum), have I forgotten the essence of my existence? Of course not! As a former boss (who happened to be a former lover) came running unto me this lunch break in one of the busiest restos in town. Did he do that on purpose? Who cares!? Let's just say my "break" was simply a "quicky" *wink*

4. for make up and an extra undie in my purse. Who knows when a lover (an x lover for that) comes almost ripping your clothes off huh?

5. for the busy crowd at work that they didn't realized I had an extensive break. They simply didn't see me with all those people.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Meltdown

1. after a weekend of Adventure, a new week at work is ahead. Today, I'm especially thanking my ability to live a double life. One workaholic woman the other an adventurous swinger.

2. and I would like to thank this daily journal who is a testimony to my life. Here's hoping that my alter-ego won't be exposed ever!

3. for stress balls! Need I say more?

4. meltdown? Well a new assigned work was given to me today. And I should complain about it. Usually I do actually. But in a strange weird way I suddenly like the torture! Something to be thankful for, right?

5. At least I have avoided another clash with one of the bosses. Well, what can I say, I think he's gay!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Swinging Sunday

1. First, I gotta thank Casual Slack who posted this cutesey bonnet a few days back! It goes perfectly well with a light saber!

2. And speaking of geekiness (or did I say that?) My date last night ended up swell, except that his geeky brother was taking photos of us making out all along! Oh I sure hope those were only photos indeed! Last thing I need is a random guy recognizing me from amateurvideos.com or something. Thanks, but no thanks!

3. On a positive note, my date was extremely hot and... well let's just say my last encounter prior to him was a mere 30%? Hah!

4. and before I forget the simple and little things that makes life sweet... the smile of a loved one meeting you by the door. No questions asked, just a kiss and everything just falls into place. After a week of being lost, I feel at home.

5. and last thing for today... thanks again to Casual Slack and i quote "Attitude is contagious. A positive attitude gives energy to you and to those around you. On the other hand, a negative attitude drains your energy and the energy of those with whom you come in contact". So true!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Escapade

1. I know this may come a bit delayed in days, but thank you Shea for being my fist stalker. Oh, I mean follower. *wink*

2. And before I forget, there are just soooooo much to do this weekend. I still wanna thank for no idle time. I'm a person who easily gets bored.

3. for invention of mobile phones. Duh!

4. for the adventure that lies ahead. I am about to leave now for a hot date. Wish me luck!

5. and for the itinerary for today. A quick dip at The Baths. For those who haven't been there... it's one of my country's pride and joy. Here's a photo I found at flickr. Notice the man standing on the top? That's how huge these rocks are!

The Baths at British Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands (British)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fresh Friday

1. Still waiting for Blogexplosion to approve this blog, but still thankful for the traffic it brings to my two other sites. Not to mention the continuously adding blogmarks!

2. And of course for flickr, for the endless supply of daisy photos.

3. for the distractfully handsome cable repair man who kept on peeking through my window. Well, what can I say? I fancy stalkers sometimes.

4. for the cool bubble bath that removes all the stress of the past week

5. And thank goodness it's Friday!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

1. for the Mobtown Brown Pie that my colleague gave me. It's rich Belgian chocolate and caramel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is just too perfect to last!

2. my lunch made me crave for more ice cream! And thank goodness for light ice cream, it makes me stay fit! *winks*

3. for more relaxing time at home. Away from it all. Well, okay, I was online with my boyfriend all night.

4. for lavender incense and lavender scented candles.....

5. for the very thoughtful call from my Mom. Okay, I must admit a little argument here and there is kinda sweet to me. I used to be irritated by her but now past adolescence I know where she's at sometimes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wet Wednesday

1. for my sensual dream last night which made me wake up in the perfect mood for today. I dreamed about the guy I met at my uncle's wedding, we were cuddling in a semi-lightened room and my eyelashes to his cheeks makes him blush and crave for my kisses.

2. for my little bunny rabbit toy. Have you seen one of those? You know.....

3. for the wonderful rain that brought out a rainbow this afternoon. I simply adore rain (not storm) as it slides down the panels of my glass windows.

4. for another day of accomplished tasks at work.

5. And, I got a call from the guy I dreamed about. He wants to meet me this weekend. Shall I go? It's just dinner anyway. Or is it?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy Tuesday

1. for the longest time I kept on complaining about my schedule at work but never really thanking enough that I have a job!

2. and that I earn more than I expect and need.

3. and despite my liking Palin, I like Obama too. So, thank you America for voting for him.

4. for finally linking this daisy a day blog to my two other blogs: The Daisy Experiment and DaisyGirl

5. have I thanked the flower daisy enough that I'm loving my name? It simply sounds simple and yet sexy with a little twist of narcissistic tendencies.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Marvel

1. for my uncle's wedding. Actually I'm writing this as I am about to get dressed. So more details tomorrow!

2. for a wonderful time last Saturday night! I didn't drink much but I hooked up with a hottie!

3. for my girlfriend who set me up with this cute guy! And his friend is quite handsome too. Too bad I can only choose one though.

4. for the beautiful flowers my aunt arranged at my desk.

5. for GPS!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Explosion

What a week! Now I shouldn't forget to be thankful now, should I?

1. for blogexplosion who added up this blog as my third home

2. for the wedding of my uncle tomorrow. I hope they live a joyous and fruitful life together.

3. for the gown that I will wear at the wedding. Oh I just love dark pink so much!

4. for the cute gorgeous last pair of high heels that I just bought. It goes so perfect with the gown!

5. for the excitement of tomorrow. Oh I feel so pretty already! *blush*

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Solitude

1. for new gadgets on this blog. let's see the results in a few days time.

2. for a beautiful sunrise that greeted me as I wake up.

3. for the cute kitties of the neighbor. I just love watching those little ones play. It brings out the child in me.

4. for the invitation of my girlfriend that I haven't seen for a while.

5. for the thrill of another adventure set for tonight. I shall update tomorrow on the details of tonight's party.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Freaky Friday

1. for the change I have in my purse that I was able to give homeless beggar.

2. for the migrating birds that reminds me how free one can be as long as you open your wings and fly! The world is so extensive and there are so many places to explore....

3. for stumbling unto an old picture of myself while looking for something else from my files

4. for the fun memories the picture brought out.

5. for the plans I have for tomorrow. Geeweesh! It's gonna be stupendous!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Triumph

1. for winning in a debate at work, hell yeah I had the last word

2. for my handsome boss who took my side

3. for this beautiful new layout that I got for free

4. for the beautiful beach that I pass by everyday. The warm soothing breeze running through my hair as I drive my pink convertible.

5. for the fine weather, partially cloudy and a little bit of rain. *Sigh* So romantic....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wild Wednesday

Pfew! What a day! Thankfully, I am still thankful...

1. for the attention at work caused by my red new top

2. for the quick shopping I had as I glanced through a window with RTW's on sale last weekend

3. for the a/c at work that went berserk, then we all had no choice but to remove our coats, blazers and first clothing for some. That includes me, now my sexy red top is the talk of the town

4. for the invention of nipple shield body jewelry

5. for the beautiful red sunset that greeted me as soon as I got home

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Thanks

1. for having my periods again!!! Woeha!

2. for the phone call I got from a friend. Now' we're off to adventureland this weekend! Ohhh yeah!

3. for learning a little bit more of xml

4. for the free coffee at work

5. for the cute admirers who kept on sending me emails. XOXOX to you guys!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Madness

This is my first Thank You Day. So let's make it right. I am thankful today...

1. for the pregnancy test that came out with a Negative result

2. for not having the next nine months to be spent on increasing anxiety

3. for my recent salary increase

4. for having to test the xml layout of blogger, my first time in years. And I must admit I kinda like it.

5. that I had time enough today to finally create this blog.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Daisy for each day

In the tradition of Vixen Kitten's a Grateful Heart, an inspiring blog which gives thanks to all the little beautiful things in life, I wanted to make each day of my life count too.

Those who have read my other blogs may find it bit awkward for me to start a blog such as this. But I have mentioned on a post on Daisygirrrl about starting this. And I fully intend to do so.

I hope this is not misjudged as imitating, I am simply inspired.

Here are five inspiring artists and/or funny people who actually has a point, and may help you get the idea.

"Life excites me-just little, normal, everyday things. Getting out of bed. Getting dressed. Making food. I find it all exciting." - Liv Tyler

"Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you'll see them all around you." - Bon Jovi

"The way I see it, you should live everyday like its your birthday." - Paris Hilton

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” - Flora Whittemore

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” - Maria Robinson

Now it's my time to write my own 5 little things in life that I am thankful for everyday. Hopefully I make a daily journal of it too. And as Aaliya puts it "You have to love what you do to want to do it everyday".....