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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thuesday Thirty Seven

...37! And I have thirty seven followers! Wow! So to celebrate the event, I'm featuring my last 5 new friends that I haven't thanked for for since they clicked that "follow me" button.

1. Write Up Cafe - I don't know how they found me but this site features budding writers to showcase their talents. I would love to join them of course, but for those who have seen my work, it's a bit too "adult" for the normal reader. But I will give it a try! What else is best than write about but one's own experiences, right? Please visit them if you want a good read or would like to join:

WriteUp Cafe

2. Friendship Society - Although they do not have a "follow me" widget, this is a blognote worthy site. This is a social network where you can meet friends and stay connected. A place to promote yourself, your cause, your talent or your business.

3. Kasey - She lives in the nature coast of Florida. She mostly blogs about her great family, wonderful friends and how she enjoys meeting new people. And as she puts it, this is where she places what catches her interest that reels her in. Please say hi to her and send her my regards!

4. Ratty - The Everyday Adventurer. Ratty is not really a mouse but if you get stranded on a deserted island, Ratty will be there to help you find the way back to civilization! Get lost in the wonderful adventure through photos and stories and who knows! Maybe you won't even wanna leave the place.

5. Angel - Its is a privileged to be followed by such a great artist! Enter her magical world of images, art and words. Her captivating poetry heals both body and soul.

And of course, these post goes to all of my other friends who followed and continue to read me. Not only on this blog but on my other blogs as well!

As for those who just visited now, my rule here goes... If you follow me, I will follow you too! And all comments are strictly DO FOLLOW! And, you comment here and I comment on your blog too!