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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Wishes V

This week, my 5 wishes are not for my own accomplishments. Despite my busy schedule on and offline, I still stop to wonder and wander about my past relationship. No, not the flings and one night stands, but the serious one. I refuse to give a name to this man maybe because I thought it was different this time. He was different. But maybe my playing around took the karma with me. Because he left me.

1. So first I wish, that he forgives me for all the bad things I had done to him.

2. I wish I didn't made him wait too long to make him realize that he is better off not wasting his time with me or waiting for me.

3. I wish I had given him the attention he deserves, or at least made him feel I had given him the attention he deserves

4. I wish I had the means to run after him and tell him how deeply I miss him and how sorry I am.

5. Lastly, and the most important one, I wish I do not live so far away from him.

These may never come true, who knows! I would never know. On today's list, I won't make a checklist of my wishes. I just really wish them all from the bottom of my heart.