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Friday, April 17, 2009

Fancy Friday

1. Glad it's not difficult to find the perfect images on flickr! Wine and Daisies. (Not to be mistaken with Daisy Dandelion Wine, okay)

2. And speaking of Shea's blog. I got a mail from him a few days and I'm glad to hear his new "undertaking" for the next year! I wish you luck Sweet Shea! XoXoX

3. So not much online activities these past few days, just a few ec drops here and there. Hopefully I have time next week for my entrecards, but I am thankful that there are still advertisers (not just the paid one) who are interested in posting on this blog.

4. One of my friends was in the Easter campsite last Weekend and as they were taking down the tents last Monday, she came to know a couple of guys who invited her in their exhibitions at the Food & Wine Experience. Turned out that one of them is a guest Chef! Well, I am so happy for her.

5. And like yesterday, I'm off to another night out. A very expen$ive intimate gourmet dinner, paid by one of my admirers! (ha!) Yeah, I'm serious.