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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Story Sunday

1. Another get-together with the family today. It's been a tradition to meet up this way every year and memories come in mind both bad and good. But for now, let me thank for the good memories. Only.

2. Ok, on second thought, to come together with my self-cleansing (oh yeah!) I need to thank the bad memories as well. I guess I won't be strong as now if it wasn't for them. I just wish that some things be permanently deleted from my head.

3. Oh well! Let's see later. Let me just thank the opportunity to see another fun day ahead.

4. And the lovely sunset that greeted me as I woke up. How the sun's rays softly glistened by my window's curtains.

5. And oh, I am in charge of the flower arrangements today. So thank you for my name and the flower it represents.....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Soaked Saturday

1. Despite having a free day yesterday, a surprising visitor knocked on my door last night. Now here's to thank a short and soaking night! (if you know what I mean)

2. For the wonderful breakfast in bed that woke me up. A good old home made coffee beats up all the stress of the past nights!

3. For the yellow daisy next to my pillow with a little note with comforting touching words.

4. For such happiness that I sometimes feel I don't deserve. But he tells me that I deserve more.

5. Am I inlove? Now I like to thank that question which has no other answers til now. Daisy is ALWAYS inlove.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Free Friday

1. It's been going on for quite some time and I haven't noticed. But now I wanna thank my second stalker (*giggle*) John Finn! Smooches @ John!

2. Now if YOU follow me, I follow you too! And here's thanking those who did publicly and anonymously.

3. For my first Blogexplosion Battle of the Blogs. It's worth a shot and I will see the results later. I shall update tomorrow if I won or not.

4. And I'm looking at my BE referrals. Only two. But better than none huh. So thanks to Atilla and fcynyr!

5. Finally, for today, thanks for the free days off from work and play that I have time for myself to relax, blog a little, visit some sites and just have a simple quiet time.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holidays with Daisies

1. Continuing my everyday deed of thankfulness... I would firstly like to thank all those who gave me gifts this Christmas! XOXOX to all!

2. And for the virtual gifts I got as well. A small greeting is greatly appreciated too!

3. For the next shipment of a package from my boyfriend. Who knows! Next Christmas we might spend the night in each other's arms........

4. For the little kids of my aunts, siblings and relatives. They are all adorable and sweet! The little naughty ones aren't left ignored by me though. Ha!

5. For the fine weather we have, a little drizzle is not bad compared to a snow storm! It's always sunny in this part of the world.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Daisy

I'm baaaaaaack!

It's been weeks since I last updated. And I know I promised myself to write here daily. First, I wanna apologize for anyone who kept on coming back to read but just see the same old stuff. I had a vacation off the computer for a while but now I am back. Hopefully for more time.

And although I missed on some days, everyday is still a day that I am thankful for. And here goes......

1. For waking up with a bright new day. More things to do more places to go to. More people to see.

2. For having a blast in my vacation!

3. For the trip to my gamps later. You gotta admit, after all these years, sometimes we miss our old folks.

4. For Christmas Vacation. More free days! Yeah!

5. For Christmas day... Merry Christmas to all those who believe! And Happy Holidays to the rest of the world.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Slowdown

1. I know I promised to update this blog daily. But here's again to thank all those who have visited me and actually read me.

2. for having this blog as a hobby. I will be on a short vacation for the next days but this is such a habit already that I will still update daily on my journal and post them soon as I get back.

3. for the vacation I will have.

4. for the new mobile phone that I just bought for myself.

5. for daisies.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Frenzy

1. I'm off to a Christmas rush sale! Hopefully I get there on time and with less crowd and more items to choose than last year. But I am thankful for the list that I have made already.

2. for my girlfriend who will be with me as we go shopping!

3. for my boss who allowed me to take a leave today.

4. for the pile of work that I was able to endorse with style.

5. and thank you thank you for interns! Hah!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Twenty Five!

1. Here's to you all dear readers! And I'm firstly thankful for this cool shot! *hint hint*

2. for this day.... and this blog post.... This is my 25th day of blogging about the things I am thankful for everyday!

3. for the invisible readers who have been here through system generated traffic or by own free will.

4. for the 1200 visitors I had in less than a month.

5. mostly for link "The Page has Moved" (lol) under my flower power sidebar. Now, celebrate with me and click this to get Real 1:1 Traffic Exchange Ratio. No limits to surf and earn!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Weakness

1. The long weekend I had just makes me want to stop everything and be free! I want to move to another place and do other things. Maybe quit my swinging adventures too. But I am thankful I am still sane.

2. for the little things in life that I adore.... like cute puppies!

3. for cotton candies.

4. for ice cream.

5. for big warm hugs!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Trouble

1. for not having any troubles in my head since I thought I was pregnant.

2. for the quick kiss I got from my colleague who gave me that quicky last time. Haha! I still find it bit sweet you know.

3. for the relaxing bubble bath I had soon as I got home. I highly recommend lavender scented candles and bath soaks.

4. for this lewd Sunday school teacher who was caught and arrested. Hopefully male teachers who do the same would be too.

5. for the interesting blog, Passing Judgment that I found over at BlogExplosion. I hope BE approves this blog soon though.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Focus

1. after that long sweet weekend, I can't help but think about more in the future. But looking at my handsome boss, a little wink here and there and I can't resist.

2. for the bulk of papers on my desk today. It leaves me no choice but to focus and finish things instead of falling for my cravings. Even though sometimes it's dangerously fun though.

3. for the invention of the fax machine. Oh you wouldn't know how helpful it is here. Ha!

4. for the music coming from elevators. It makes you think of things. Haha!

5. for a beautiful and adventurous life.