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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Shine

1. First thing to thank today of course is the beautiful sun's rays beaming into my room.

2. The sound of waves slightly crashing to the sands and stones with the smell of fresh air and waves.

3. Last night was a success, the girls had fun despite having a curfew, at least I know they felt better about themselves.

4. Today, I'll spend my quiet time by the beach. Just watching passersby and tourists, and couples cuddling up under their beach umbrellas. (no, I'm not a voyeur) lol

5. And for my 3 latest followers: Deverout53, Jenny Mannion (I totally love her blog, please do visit her!) and Vixen she is still in the process of merging her 2 blogs but holler over and don't forget to mention that I told you so!

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