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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Sweetness

1. I really can't get over these lovely wine and daisy images from flickr! Ha! Who wouldn't be thankful for that!?

2. And speaking of wines, for all the red wines I have tasted this week, the best is still Manischewitz Concord Grape! As for those who want added flavors like fruit juices, soda water and fruit, Sangria is a must try. And just a tip, if the bottle says 8.5% alcohol per volume, it means its sweet, while 13% and above is strong.

3. Now, enough of my wine intoxicating week! Let's move over to things I would like to thank online, like the new widget for Top Commenters. I switched from corpseofattic.com to mxyzptc. Thus, also changing the title to "The Top 10 Lovers" to "Red Hot Lovers". Read the reason for my switch here

4. And after hours of searching for the widget to post an automatic price of ec per day, where I came to the conclusion that I do not have googling talents, I finally found the link to make it. Sorry, I didn't know it was called a chicklet! I just knew I saw a widget somewhere! (And during my daily droppings, I saw that Wiggy had it all along!) LOL

5. For the new learned online word: Chicklet or Chiclet

~ # Chiclet, A small icon adjacent to a blog post, article or web page to indicate the availability of an RSS feed.

* Note:
The term used in this context refers back to the square, pillow shape of Chiclets gum. It is sometimes misspelled 'chicklet' by those ignorant of the reference (cf. the misspelling of the common user interface element known as a 'radio button' as 'radial button' by those unfamiliar with the old style of car radios which used push-buttons for station presets).