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Saturday, April 25, 2009

S-aturday Banner-S and S-pider!

1. I totally forgot about my Technorati Profile! Thankfully for blog hopping, I came across a couple of blogs with a "favorite this" button which reminded me that I haven't added this blog and Life Needs Retouches yet. See my Full Profile here.

2. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Here's something to be thankful for... I have a New Blog! The Banner Girl. Please holler over and plug your site / blog for FREE!

3. And thankfully, after some time working on the template and codes, I finally had it 90% complete. What I only lack is the navbar on the top, just above the main posting area. I'll be writing here tomorrow the things and places I would like to thank for making that blog complete.

4. For now, going back to my off-line life, I guess I shouldn't be thankful that about 5 of my colleagues either resigned or got canned from work this week. That's one of the reasons why I haven't been online these past few days. I only drop a couple of EC's here and there but no time for a post. But, in the end I am still thankful I still have my job.

5. Now placing the sad things aside, I was able to write a new entry for my Confessions blog. It's a zoom to the present as someone dear to me left. It's somehow related to no.4 above but, just thankful I was able to write down what happened between us recently. So before you close your computer or this browser, slide over to my The Daisy Experiment and read about it.