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Friday, April 3, 2009

Fenced Friday

1. What a lovely Friday! And it's once again the weekend. Now time to make plans for tomorrow. To relax and unwind by going to the beach and have some quiet time.

2. Lately I have been noticing more birds chirping in the mornings and mid-afternoons. I'm thinking if either they have been there all this time, and I am just too preoccupied with my daily life that I tend to not notice them, or they are just passing by from or to hibernation?

3. I've been focusing my energy lately to productive things than boy hunting. And that's (lol) something to be thankful for, right?

4. So it's kinda like I am fencing myself or getting myself busy to forget other things. I am indeed digging up my past but the more you talk about it, I realized, the more the pain fades and eventually disappears.

5. Now going back to my online life, of course I wouldn't forget my latest followers, Andrea and Ann (a.k.a. Cecille) who both loves to travel and write. Please go pay them a visit and say you were told so by Daisy!