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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Wishes III

Okay, another Wednesday without wishes passed by. But fear not, for this week, I have an additional 5 wishes to add to my list. For those who missed out on the first two, just move over to my wishes tag.

So here goes my additional 5 this week:

1. I wish the Business workshop that I will attend to this April will be productive both for my career and social life. (Well, I am just being honest)

2. I wish Mr. Website would be my constant companion playmate.

3. And I wish we share more than fun in bed. Maybe a sweet walk in a park or by the woods. Just talking. That would be sweet.

4. I wish I could really, as in really, get over with my (latest serious) boyfriend. How many times do I need to be hurt huh?

5. Lastly, I wish to accomplish my wish list last Feb 25. And as promised, I shall post it after a month.