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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tracing Thursday

1. First, I want this to be a day to thank everything online. Links, blogs, directories, traffic exchanges etc. blah blah. If it weren't for these internet sites, I would be totally fed up with my messed up life. Ha!

2. And for still having humour despite of all the silly crazy things I have been through. Not to mention the "supposedly heart-breaking" break up. Well you will know that I am totally over him if I stop talking (or at least, writing) about him.

3. Now for youtube hopping and wasting time in an entertaining way. First I chanced upon a list of crazy links at witchescorner then clicked on a link named Ghosts of Earth then saw a supposedly ghost "caught on vid" (which I find really funny), then you know how it is with youtube. You just click and click until you get tired of watching random stuff. Last vid where I landed was on a hijacked British Big Brother Scene (who of course, I am totally clueless as to who they were), after a vid of Mary-Kate Olsen Mum On Ledger. Pfew!

4. Now I'm going to bed. But thanks to passing the hours I can go straight without thoughts in my head, as I am almost falling off my seat. LOL

5. But before I forget, thank you that nobody has noticed I posted my Wednesday wishes and Tuesday Thanks in one day. (Well it was hours apart ok, so technically it's not cheating) lol...