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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Tranquility

1. Thank goodness this is my last day to stay at home! I went to the doctors today and despite feeling way way better (as in totally well), he recommended one more rest day "just to be sure".

2. And all I had was just a simple flu. (Well okay, stress added tension to my immune system)

3. Now, I better stick with my tropical fruits and stay away from the BBQ's.

4. And the physician's office was so crowded today I could almost swear there is a party going on. Oh my, I miss partying. Now what would I say at work? I guess I just keep quiet and let them think. Except for those who were none stop in sending me sms's. I better thank them indeed!

5. And for the juicy part, thanks for the nice dinner with a "certain" nice guy. It was an elegant evening and I didn't ruin it by jumping to him or letting him jump to me. We do that next time! LOL