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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Solo

1. First, for having fun even if I spent the whole day alone and indoors.

2. I'm practically "abstaining" today, not because of the Holy Week that will come soon, but simply because I am enjoying my "alone" time.

3. Now I finally have opened my Paypal account! I was waiting for my best friend to give me her link for referral but it's been months since she replied to that mail and now that I have earned some cash at traffic generators, it's time to cash it in.

4. I got a call from my mom and she is inviting me for lunch tomorrow. A little get together won't hurt now, would it?

5. And yes, I miss the old neighborhood and thankful in a way for growing up there. It made me who I am now. And I think it would be nice to visit again...