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Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Meme

Now let me tweak up this blog and sprinkle up the pages with exotic spices. Well, sort of.

Okay, for those who are sic of reading about my daily 5 (hopefully none), here's a new thing that I may start doing every Monday. I do encourage everyone to join! Let's see in the coming weeks if I stick with one group or just post all my meme's during Mondays.

I found a blog meme that should perfectly fit here, Give Me Five, but too bad I just came in a little too late as the owner decided to, and I quote, "hold back from hosting the Give Me Five Monday meme". Aww.

But no worries, there is another meme for 5 things every Monday that we can join! And those who regularly visits my blogs would agree that this is just as purrrfect!

Monday's A B1tch.

So, to try it out, let me answer the latest challenge and see later what the next 5 questions would be.

The Movie of Your Life (in 2009)

1. What would be the title?
~ "Life's a Beach"
2. What would be the tag line?
~ "And it's one Hellafa Ride"
3. Who would be the main characters? Who would you cast to play them?
~ I would like to be portrayed by Victoria De Mare, simply because we have "something" in common. And as for my lovers, they would be:

Ewan McGregor (as Lloyd),
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (as Eddy),
Adrien Brody (as Kevin),
John Cena (as D), to name a few.

4. What would be the climax in the story?
~ Ooh! "Climax" There would be several scenes in limbo that's for sure.
5. What song would play for the closing credits?
~ Will Smith "Willow is a Player" [lyrics] [listen]