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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Wishes Part II

Last Wednesday, I totally forgot that I was suppose to post 5 wishes. Moving forward, I will schedule myself to post 5 things that I wanna happen. These wishes should be short term goals and feasible ones. No wishes for world peace and end global warming. Although that's my answers for the Miss Valentine contest. (Sorry, I was obligated to act like a naive blondie)

Anyhoo, here is my list for this week. This time, the wishes are for things that I should do myself. And the goal is to accomplish these in a month. So updates will be posted on the nearest Wednesday to March 25.

1. At least complete the whole month of March to post 5 things I thank for on a daily basis.

2. Stop promising myself that I can quit smoking. I simply can't.

3. Stop promising myself that I can quit making out with random guys I meet at parties. I am simply friendly. I have to accept that.

4. Maximize time by reading a book during idle hours.

5. Save the money I use to pay entrance fees to movie houses by not going every week. Once a month will do.

UPDATE: As for the first 5 wishes I posted last Feb.4, the wishes that came true were: 2,3 and 5. No.4 is unsure and 1 is pending.