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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Skipping thru Saturday

Now, I should punish myself for missing out a lot
of things online this week.

So my last post was Tuesday and I do not have a new list
of wishes for Wednesday. I was too busy this week
I lost track of time.

Nonetheless, here are the 5 things that I thank for today:

1. For the bloggers who visited and commented on my Movie Monday Meme. I will surely join again next week!

2. For Haro Genki, who posted a link to the article "9 Reasons People Cheat". Simple reasons that surely makes a big impact. (I'm still thinking of best the 10th reason - LOL)

3. For the party I attended to last Thursday after work that I was so tired I almost didn't report for work the next day!

4. And of course, for my latest follower, Tanase Viorel who blogs about News, Movie and Games. Remember, follow me and I follow you.

5. Lastly, I missed out monitoring this blog's stats that I didn't see I passed the 10,000 visitors mark! I started this blog on November 9 and hit this goal in just 4 months! Thank you for all the 11,597 visitors (count as of writing) and all those who have visited these pages before and after that. Smooches to everyone!