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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Frails

1. Two things to note on my sidebar today, and I forgot to thank blogger for the ability to take tags. lol Now if you haven't noticed, I have tags on some of my posts now. Yeah!

2. Next, I would like to thank a support group that has been helping women not only in the US (particularly in New Jersey) but to other states as well. Strengthen Our Sisters is a non-profit organization that helps battered and abused women to recover and eventually stand up on their own. Groups like this really warms my heart, as there is no known group nearby, I know if there were, I would have recovered soon. Anyway, that was years back and I haven't even tackled much about it on my other blog.

3. Another site to thank for today, is a free banner maker! my banner maker.com Finally I would have my own banners to display for my 7,080 unassigned banner impressions at EasyHits.

4. Now on the simple things in life. An everyday treat for me, garlic sandwich spread. Just wipe some on a fresh bread and toast it, Walah! A simple snack that will quench those midnight snack craves.

5. One more day and it's a weekend! Yes! Thank You!