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Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Focus

1. Work was a blast!

2. The day passed by like a breeze and I guess I missed the desk work and all that stress after all. Besides, it's a Friday today and later, party night!

3. Okay, I'm secretly posting this at work, for I know I do not have time later on. And I promised myself to do this daily for the whole month of March. Thank goodness for proxy sites!

4. I just love thoughtfulness. That is my weak spot. And I am thankful I still have a non-biiitch side. LOL

5. For the past days (esp when I was sick) this website owner that I met online (and in person) have been bugging me with his sms. I only met him once with a friend but now he's declaring how much he misses me. Yes, yes, I have to give in and meet him tonight. Wish me luck! (and thanks for those who would do)