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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Submission

1. And I woke up in the arms of another man. The night before was all a blur but all I remember was laughing and music and wonderful wine.

2. I am home now and I just realized his flat was way cooler than mine. I need to get his designer, or at least ask his professional taste. And thank goodness he is into designing.

3. Mr. Website Guy claims to be single but duh! For all I care. I won't go deep into that trap again. Thankfully, I am smarter than the average "slave". Or should I say otherwise, for I was the "master" (or mistress) last night.

4. And yep, thank goodness he wore a necktie (He picked me up straight from work). That came handy... for blindfolding. LOL

5. Okay, it's 10am and I just got home and I just had this deep urge to post this. And as he promised, we will meet again later for lunch. After that, who knows what! I simply simply love LIFE! Thank you all for being the witness in all these.