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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Shopping

1. For the organized plans for this weekend that I wrote in my head last night before going to bed.

2. First on the list and I should be thankful for... The shopping day ahead!. I just got nominated to join a little pageant at work but I sure don't want to not take it seriously. But not too serious as well. So, I need to look around for some cute clothes. Wish me luck! Otherwise, I go with my couturier friend.

3. Next, I need to shop for what color to use on my cupboard. And thankfully, I can call on my colleague to meet me at a coffee shop to pick up the paint and all.

4. And a nice relaxing afternoon at the backyard while I wait for the cupboard to be finished.

5. As for dinner, I'm off to buy the ingredients of this romantic dinner recipe I found. Filet Mignon with Mushroom and Bananas Foster for dessert. I's skip the Garlic and Thyme, though. I do not find garlic that "romantic" Ha!

What's the occasion? My boyfriend will come over and I know we will have so much fun! Should I expand on the details? *Giggles* I leave that to your imaginations!