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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Feast

1.Today is the day! Yeah baby! I wish I won't go to work today but everyone is preparing there as well. Let's just say last V Day weekend is just the "fore play" of feasts here.

2. I love foreigners! Well, okay, a local growing up in the Virgin Islands would inevitably love them! And I'm thankful for being born here!

3. So, one of my agenda this weekend is boy hunting! Is this something to be thankful for? Like, duh.

4. Aside from Halloweens, I love events where I can get to dress up! Do you think I should wear something like this on the Mardi Croix?

5. And please anticipate some days of being awol online again. I'm on leave from work on Monday and my weekend is swamped with events! I'll be attending a Regatta and the daily after parties are usually a blast!