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Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Farewell

1. What's up with life's roller coaster ride? [sigh] Nonetheless, there would be something good in all these. Someday... (and the thought of having a "someday" is something we should all be thankful for)

2. Mr. Regatta left today and I am all alone. YES!!!

3. He had a wonderful vacation with me and was with me during another turning point in my life. I am thankful that at least, I didn't have to deal with it all day each day.

4. But should I say fare the well to my old habits? No! A heartbreak is only a shattering to a person with no bruises. And I have endured alot. So I know this will all pass quickly.

5. Lastly for today, before I forget, I should thank my latest follower, a lover of flowers... Jesse Mendez