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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trembling Tuesday

1. My boyfriend, no, not my (boy) friend from the regatta, (but the boyfriend from the Pre-V day) suddenly burst out in anger with me on the phone today. This is not something to be thankful for, but I wanted to take things positively. After our long talk over the phone, I decided to ask for space and time for myself. Now that's a bit of a relief.

2. I first thought he must have seen a pic or vid somewhere (maybe the news) of me and my (boy) friend from the regatta. But turns out, his "partner" (okay I won't say if she's a girlfriend, wife or what) turned out to have hints of our relationship although she is not sure who am I. (Now that is something I am thankful for)

3. I'm not sure why he was so jumpy today and bursts out angrily at small things. But I was thankful it all happened over the phone and not in person.

4. I just hope he won't come flying over to talk to me personally in the coming days. Or else I have to get rid of Mr. Regatta. Good thing though, he doesn't live with me during his stay here and he will be out of the area this Friday.

5. Still, I am thankful for my weekend. It was a blast!