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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dizzy Sunday

1. I went to one of my favorite annual thrift fair today. And I didn't thought it was that crowded! It's nice to see old faces and old acquaintances.

2. But I was more thankful for the bargains that I have brought. And a quote for today, "some people's trash is others' treasure".

3. It was hot! hot! HOT! At the fair. But what's hotter is the list of men asking for my number! Now I've got to get my schedule organized [giggles]

4. I do not regret going here, despite my previous plans of just chillin' this Sunday off while going over the paperworks of my cousin. So I called her and asked if it's ok to move it for tomorrow. I'm thankful she agreed, and even met me at the fair too!

5. Now how could I forget that wonderful sunset that greeted me as I went home!? The sun's golden rays truly warmed my heart.