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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Whereabouts

First off, yeah, I know, I skipped a few days again(!) But, I wouldn't skip the reasons for being thankful today.

1. For being too busy with work and my social life. Idleness brings me to illicit thoughts! [giggles]

2. For the voters and votes on which costume I should wear on the Miss Valentines Day at work. For those who haven't casted their votes yet, please holler over here

3. For feeling so activated and full of energy since last weekend.

4. For finally finishing arrangements of my cupboard! Now I will have a place for my trophies. Actually, they are just a sorta collection of stuff. Or should I say, memorabilia of my past escapades. What's with the mystery? Maybe I will write here someday. [grins]

5. And lastly, for my new stalker. Err, follower. Bacchus from the tasty The Blog Wine Cellar. And my rule stands, you follow me and I shall stalk you! Err, "follow".