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Friday, February 6, 2009

Floating Friday

1. Today is the Day! To show my gratitude and appreciation to my dear readers and online friends, I made an award just for you. There are no rules and no categories. The only thing that will stay constant is that this award will be given to one blog every month. So holler over to my other blog, Life Needs Retouches and see who are the winners!

2. And of course, I do not have an excuse to not thank other things today. I feel like floating in Cloud 9 right now as I was chosen by my colleagues to be the representative of our Department in the annual Ms. Valentines! So, should I wear a sexy cupid outfit or a red she-devil vinyl suit?

3. Win or Lose, I am the winner in the eyes of my boyfriend. So all I have to do is just have some FUN!

4. I was just off the phone with a friend and she agreed to customize a suit for me for a very agreeable price. Her condition was I need to advertise her store.

5. Okay, so those are the things that I am grateful for today. And thanks for thy sweet ass that never forgets to exercise. *winks* If you know what I mean.