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Monday, February 16, 2009

Missing Monday

Hoot! What a long weekend! Now things that I should thank for for the past days that I haven't been online: (there are actually more than 5, but I wanna pick the best 5 for now)

1. My advanced Valentine weekend with my boyfriend. It compensated the thought of not having him last V Day.

2. Did I win? No, of course. Turned out they wanted a skinner b*tch! Ha! But thankful still that I haven't won, or else I will be forced to wear red for the rest of the month! Isn't that horrendous or what? LOL

3. Thank goodness I don't believe in Friday the 13th! My neighbor has 3 black kittens!

4. I slipped my ankle last Sunday (don't ask me why) but this is a reason for me to stay home. Blessing in disguise, no work! I just hope my colleagues won't take it wrongly as in it looks like "a protest" of losing... Really, I don't mind.

5. Lastly, for my latest stalker, Da Eternal Rebel. Now I hope ye'all click through and visit him!