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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slurpy Saturday

1. Today, the color blue is just not such a sad color. I actually saw a blue daisy on the road and it was a beauty!

2. That daisy was a sign of good things to come! And yeah, I am thankful for this positive aura I have today.

3. I visited my cousin today. She wanted me to assist her in her "job issues". And it's simply great to feel that people trust you huh.

4. For the peach and apple pie that my cousin made. It was simply delectable! The way the syrup drips slowly on my finger is irresistible not to lick! *wink*

5. Now, I may have brought paperworks at home (courtesy of my cousin) but I sure glad I could help. Besides, what am I to do tomorrow?

*kisses to All!