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Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Movie Meme XIV

Topic for this week is all about...

Some people I know refuse to watch non-english films, despite high acclimation, simply because they refuse to read while watching the scenes. In my case, I do not mind reading it coz sometimes it's even better because you get every detail on word.

It took me a while to remember all the cool movies I have seen but here are my choice for this theme. Not necessarily my top 5 but all very much recommended!

1. Turks Fruit [Turkish Delight] (1973) - Dutch. Considered one of the classic films in Holland, this movie is simply one of my favorites. It may redefine your meaning of bitter-sweet comedy, if you ever have defined it. *wink* And kiddies, this is Rated.
2. Trois couleurs: Bleu [Three Colors: Blue] (1993) - French. I'm not really fond of classical music but this film opened my eyes to the beauty in making it. Tragedy revolves around this movie but there is a dark secret that will only reveal at the end.
3. La double vie de Véronique [The Double Life of Veronique] (1991) - French. Have you ever thought that somewhere in the world, with so many people, there is someone who is exactly like you? No, not a soulmate, but someone who is you but not really entirely. From the same director of Bleu, this film's twists and turns will keep you guessing.
4. À la folie... pas du tout [He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not] (2002) - French. What can I say, I love French movies and Audrey Tautou! And after seeing Amelie (should have been included in this list) I simply hunted for films where she starred. And boy was I surprised to see her at Da Vinci Code! Anyway, this film reminded me of my funny stalker days with my one of my Professors who I had a big big crush on. But of course, I am not as extreme as in this film! Some hated the ending but I think it's always good to find yourself thinking what will happen next.
5. Lola rennt [Run Lola Run] (1998) - German. Oh the things we do for love! This film is full of excitement and unexpected twists that will leave you almost breathless as the lovers rush in finding a lost huge amount of money that may not only cost them their lives, but their love. This movie will make you believe that fate is not all about coincidences but our decisions as well.

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