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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Sway

I've been away for a few days. But now I'm back. I hope those who visited me here were not disappointed. While my body is healing from my scars, so does my spirit. I can be positive most of the times but I must admit that sadness sometimes creeps in especially on lonely nights. But here are my 5 thanks for the past days while I am away...

1. An old friend heard about what had happened to me and he was kind enough to offer a short vacation with him. And I'm thankful for that lovely surprise!

2. For romantic sunsets by the beach.

3. For lovely mornings being waken by the smell of fresh roasted coffee and sweet flowers.

4. For my freedom to choose to be with who I want to. I may be uncomfy to be in a real serious relationship, but that may change.

5. I've fallen inlove one to many times and it left me numb sometimes that I play around with the word "love". Shall I treat my last retreat as something different? Maybe I'm just afraid to jump into commitments. Maybe I'm just afraid of being left alone. Maybe I'm just too idealistic. But whatever is ahead of me, I am so thankful of having felt that feeling again... that real feeling of safety, smiling to myself with just the thought of him and the days we spent together, and the feeling of floating in cloud nine....

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