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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday Things

There are two groups that I want to dedicate this post today. Thankful Thursday and Things that I Love.

While in recovery, I've got the chance to do one of the things that I love ~ birdwatching over the sunset.

Birds are a symbol of freedom and timely, TT's topic is about Freedom. So here are 5 beautiful photos of this symbol and the freedom that I have and am thankful for.

1. I have the freedom to choose where to go or stay.

2. I have the freedom to opt to be alone.

3. I have the freedom for friendship.

4. I have the freedom to love.

5. I have the freedom to be myself.

photo credits:
1 "Sunset bird" by uwi
2 "winter sunset and a bird" by katifelkai
3 "Birds at Sunset" by pixigirl52
4 "Navigation or Birds and fish (a California sunset)" by Ferran
5 "Daisy and Feather" by stephyannette