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Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Friends 85!

1. Don Andrews - His blog "Road Safety" is a great site for highway driving and traffic tips. And as he placed it, There is far too much carnage on the roads... and I can testify to that as I survived a car crash! So please drive safely and don't drink and drive!

2. Vampire - She doesn't have a url on her google profile, but this space is reserved too in case she drops by. I am also thankful to those anonymous followers and friends...

3. Santoshi - A collection of beautifully crafted photos are gathered and posted at Black is Beautiful. Go visit this blog and let it redefine your meaning of "film" images.

4. NIZHAMA - also known as Affandi Yusuf was born in Vietnam and now lives in Malaysia. Affandi wants to improve writing in English by blogging. So please holler over and visit him to help out. Don't forget to drop some EC love too...

5. Jess - or Jezz Quijano, is an election officer from the Philippines, who is an expert in Health matters. Please don't hesitate to ask him a question, for he is willing to help anyone!

Friends 86 to 90 will be posted next Friday!