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Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Friends 90!

1. Yen - or Irene, owns the site with url "business-ito.com" (which I belive means "this is business") but fondly named the blog "Crucial Bliss". Don't get confused by this, coz soon as you visit her site, you will see not only a beautiful design, but a personal blog and not a business-based blog. And as I call it, "it's not ads with a blog but a blog with ads". And minimal ads too, (no offense to those with blogs who overflow with ads). Just visit and you will know why hers is a site named Bliss...

2. BarbiePhobia - Her opening line "Love is a temporary madness"... something most of us would agree on, well I do. And her blog named "It's Complicated", is simply a gem! Although she haven't updated for over a month, her posts still shine, especially with her photos, proudly made through her Fuji camera! Move over your mouse and click on her link.

3. GoyZ - I was surprised to see such a simple profile with words "I am a simple person with simple dream. I believe in GOD who made simple amazing miracle in my life, that's ME" and have 16 blogs! Wow! This amazing girl has managed to maintain all these blogs while staying true to herself and to her faith. I can say she is a very organized person, as she had separate blogs for parenting, food, money, health, movies, gadgets, models, healthcare, beauty, blogging tips and of course.. gossips! *wink* One of her blogs, Smartparentingpink holds her EC profile. So if you pass by, don't forget to drop an EC!

4. Online Writer - and I have the same mantra "Follow Me, I'll Follow You Back!"... She's a member of Mom Bloggers Club and writes about news and her thoughts behind the headlines. Don't mistake this for a political blog, but if want current events and even news that is not popular, she's one of the best source. Drop by and say hello.

5. Bobcat - says he is "no expert, nor a geek" he just collects and shares them. Well, I know I promised to follow all those who follow me, but honestly, since all his/her 3 blogs are not in English I would have a hard time following any of them. Nonetheless, I left a comment asking if he has one in English, then, that's the blog that I will follow.

Also, please add this new rule, once I posted a linky love, the love doesn't go away unless you un-follow me. I hope that's okay, this is to avoid people who just followed for the sake of a linkback. Linkback is totally different from a Linky Love. The passion is not there. I would rather feature a follower with no url on his/her google profile, and reserve a space in case he drops by again. I am also thankful to those anonymous followers and friends...

But enough of the mellow drama, friends 91 to 95 will be posted next Friday!

I know this post is a bit over-due, but I promised this not only to you, but also to myself. So here I am, better late than never, right?