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Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Movie Meme XV

Topic for this week is all about...
On the Road

Ohh I love to travel! And here are a few of my fave movies that either involves traveling or is about traveling! (I was about to add Lolita, but I mentioned that one to many times! lol)

1. Mad Love (1995) - Juvenile love, oh so sweet and so innocent! But these two runaway lovers finds out that falling madly inlove is not the only thing that they need to survive.
2. Sideways (2004) - This movie was recommended by one of my X bf after we stopped seeing each other. I don't know why, but maybe he's sending me a message here. Oh well, he is indeed an "older" man. I wonder who he sees himself in this movie? The playful actor who is about to get married or the depressed teacher?
3. Into the Wild (2007) - A name that I will never forget: Alexander Supertramp. This movie truly moved me! And I only knew in the end that this was based on a true story which made me cry even more! It's about a fresh graduate who gave up his material world to live in the wild. Just when you think he finds a place to settle, he had the urge to keep on moving until he reached Alaska. And I won't tell what happens there! Just go and see this!
4. Rain Man (1998) - Who would expect that finding a long lost brother would make a greedy man's heart melt? I guess, spending time to rekindle a forgotten past is indeed life-changing.
5. EuroTrip (2004) - Of course! The ultimate joy ride! LOL. Enough of the drama, this movie is best seen with your friends, or alone when you wanna laugh yourself to sleep! Yeah, okay, some may say this is a stupid movie, but you must admit, anyone who has seen this had at least a few laughs! I had lots!

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