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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Wishes IX

Oh there's a long list this week, but here's limiting to 5 online things.

1. I wish to reach 100+ Total Publisher Clicks a day at Adgitize.

2. I do not wish to reach 300 EC drops at Entrecards, I tried it one day but oh the so long hours! And I tend to stop and read alot of posts! So, here's to wish to get just 300 credits a day by a combination of droppings, accepting advertisers (no paid ads of course) and placing ads at different campaigns.

3. Finish the banners I promised a friend. (You know who you are, sorry it took me weeks)

4. On some days, I tend to be a comment junkie. So here's a challenge for me to make me a certified one too. I would join the June Comment Challenge to post 1,000 comments until June 30th. And here's to wish that I finish this challenge in time. *Cheers* to my fellow participants! (to know how many comments I have made, please refer to my "Leave Me Comments" blue badge on the bottom sidebar.)

5. While blog hopping at Adgitize, I came across a site asking for "What would you do if you had 3 wishes?" (What a coincidence!) So there I wrote down my 3 biggest wishes of all. But for my last wish today, I wish you all go over and join too. It would be fun to see the results in a few weeks or when the participants reach 1,000.

Happy wishing!!!