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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Prayers

Today, as I blog my blessings, I would like to be thankful for the 5 places where I have and met friends.

1. At home - my family, my mom, my siblings and relatives, clashes may stir up some ties but at the end of the day blood is thicker than water, as they say.

2. At work - my colleagues and bosses, which some we may not be always in good terms with each other, but in the end could still be relied on, depending on what is needed

3. My Offline friends - who mostly I know back during adolescence, some may not have constant communication with each other anymore, but when needed they will try as much as they can to help.

4. My Online friends - bloggers, followers, twitters, chatmates and stalkers(*wink), where most (if not all) I may never see in real life, but strangers are the best people to talk to sometimes because they do not take sides and are not prejudiced.

5. Passersby - people who pass by once in life, be it on blogs or real life. 'Coz some of them (we must all admit), may leave a mark in us that either made us realize or assess ourselves or the path where we are heading.

Now let me grab this time to not only thank whoever is reading this for coming here, intended or not, and ask you just one thing. Just ONE prayer. To please pray for Luke. He is 8 years old and diagnosed with Leukemia. After a few rounds of chemo and a bone marrow transplant, Luke beat cancer and was healthy for a year. But in March 2009, the cancer has reappeared.

I personally do not know him nor his family, but if we help build the chain of prayers for him, it will not only strengthen the spirits of those close to him but also with faith, my cause a miracle.

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