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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Seventhy!

Welcome My 70 Friends!

66. Melandri - She has 3 other blogs aside from this one and it took me a little while to find them. But I tagged the wrong photo on her "first commenter" linky love award because I just didn't understand that biography link. Sorry, Mel! Anyway, here's a linky love to Stop War. And if you support the advocacy to end war and spread peace and love instead, please visit her blog too!

67. Thom - He is from Hawaii and his site tp4ww (Thom's Place 4 Well Whatever) is about his opinions and whatever he wants to talk about. There are 3 other personalities in his site, Devon, Keoki and Lani. Surprisingly, you have to visit over to know who or what they are about. Enjoy your stay there and grab a beer on the way!

68. Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish - aka Karie Herring. Goes by many names, a fishy count from one fish, two fish, three, four and stops at five, will not stop in entertaining their readers, balancing the government budget, and family life. Be careful though so as not to bring her OCD on overdrive! But do hop on over and say hi to The Big G, The Piano Man and The Princess Crabby Pants. If you are confused, just click through and be enlightened!

69. Robb Sempurai - Cute name huh? But his not cute but beautiful Paradise, is non other than the Rivendellious Borneo! He is the mastermind behind the group Rivendellious Circle of Bloggers which is open to everyone! So holler over and grab the badge from his site!

70. Hot Topic - Is a Hot Chick who loves to sing and dance. Her blog will give you information on health, life, money, technology, travel and much more. Get overdosed by her presence and savour it! Just like we do at EC...

Thank you to all those who are following me! Of course, I followed you too and as promised, here are your linky loves! As for my other friends, please say hi to them and drop a comment or an EC.