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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Stroll

Some of those who knows me in real life, or knows me online back when this blog is just starting, might say that today is one of those "protest days" of Daisy. While everyone else is celebrating Fathers Day, I always (annually) chose not to. But despite my personal reasons why, I must say this time of year is always a nice time to stroll a bit alone. So I went on wandering all day and found and realized small things that made me thankful.

1. Even in the most uncommon of places you see beauty. Just like the photo above. This is not a photo taken by me, I just found it on flickr, but I saw some daisies like these today.

2. Seeing children playing on the street with their families. I am always fond of watching those folks who seemingly do not have any problem at all, just smiling, laughing and having a good time with the children.

3. I am also thankful that I don't feel any jealousy towards little girls with their dads. I just shiver with the thought of my own childhood and how I wish I can forget those times. But still thankful that all these have pass and I have placed everything behind.

4. That I am still focused and sane enough to not stir up any forgotten past and burdens. I may have been a rebellious teen, but now I just play along with time and let time heal any wound.

5. For those who are confused by what I am saying, ok I'll admit. I love my mom and despite our arguments and distance, I still love her enough not to leave her broken-hearted. Just don't place me in the same room with my step dad or you see trouble! But what is my blessing today? that the trouble and stressful scenes are avoided this year. And today I have peace...

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