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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Warm Welcome Wednesday

I know it's a Wednesday and I am suppose to be posting 5 wishes. Let me skip that for a today to give way to my 5 thankfuls. Despite the hectic schedule previously and in the next days, I am still thankful for 5 great online things today...

1. That I have blogs and in blogging, all my stress from work disappears for a while. This is better than drinking your heart out! lol...

2. That in the blogsphere, I have found new friends. Awards, linky loves and followers... You are all always in my thoughts!

3. And speaking of followers, I gained 20 more in just 10 days from my last post with linky loves! I will of course keep my promise of following back and linking your blogs!

4. For my friends who often drop by here. Not just to drop an EC (entrecard) but also to share their thoughts. Reading all your comments means alot! (Apologies for the Top Commenters widget though, I am coordinating with commentluv about it. I will keep you posted)

5. And lastly, I am still thankful that my blog is not over-crowded with things that overwhelm me. I prefer mine this way as some blogs are presented that way, and its really up to the owner of each. All those blogs I saw and kept on visiting are all so beautiful even with tons of activities! (I wish I could learn more about making codes and designs)

But to keep things organized for me, I always have a schedule. So here's to show you the schedule or "sneak peeks" of my daily posts. But of course, all these topics also includes the 5 Things to be thankful for each day.

Mondays - Monday Movie Meme (MMM)
Tuesdays - Tuesday Trophies (for Awards)
Wednesdays - Wednesday Wishes
Thursdays - Thankful Thursday (TT)
Fridays - Friday Friends (linky loves for followers)
Saturdays - 5 Things (still thinking for a theme)
Sundays - Blog Your Blessings Sunday (BYBS)