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Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Friends 80!

1. Priya - See everyday life and the world through her eyes. If you wanna have a trip planner and cooking tips to make life easier, she's got them. So get glued or just give her a visit! Don't forget to drop some EC love on the way!

2. Icy BC - a friend and regular commenter on this blog, Icy now brings us to a new world where Wandering Thoughts prevail. A grand set of amazing photos awaits in Icy's blog so head on and let yourself be captivated.

3. Garret - He doesn't have a url on his google profile, but this space is reserved too in case he drops by. See, I still thank all those anonymous followers and friends...

4. Ely Biado - a Real Estate Broker from the Philippines who writes about his thoughts and experiences with the Holy One. Reading the Bible alot, he incorporates verses into his posts and applies it to daily life. His blog is a good read for the religious.

5. BBig438 - works as a security for the Yankee Stadium and blogs about helpful tips for online games, xbox, playstation, wii, website traffic... you name it! Give him a visit and when it comes to games, he is your best player!

Friends 81 to 85 will be posted next Friday!