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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Trades

I recently left comments all over inviting friends to join me in following each other. And of course, with a promise of a linky love! If you landed here through one of my comments, rest assured I am not a spammer! LOL

Here are my latest victims! Err, I mean friends... *winks* (C'mon I know you have a sense of humor)

1. Icy BC - Don't be confused with Icy BC and BC Doan. Coz, yes, they are one and the same. This poet is a dreamer who dances with her words as she showcase her talents in writing and photography through her blogs. Please visit her and give her a big hug!

2. Jmarv - is a student who loves collecting funny and amazing photos and videos. Visiting him often gives me a smile on my face. His "BrainLoops" indeed will leave your mind in loops!

3. Lizzie - Also known as Louie or Louie Jerome who own 10 blogs!Wow! See her profile here. She is a writer, publisher, a spiritual counselor, life coach, a frog lover, a book worm, all rolled into one. Knowing her not only brings a bling to your blog but also your life. Get a dose of her life's lessons as you visit and read her.

4. Glynis Smy - She is also an author and as I read, a friend of Lizzie. This Halloween blondie is also an author and a poet who now lives in Cyprus. Read about her adventures and her great book reviews when you visit her blogs. And yes, blogs. If you have the time, please read all seven of them.

5. Nasir - Although he doesn't have a "follow me widget", let this linky love be the entry point to see his blog. Don't be confused by his location though, "Nganjuk, Mataram, Atlanta : East Java, West Nusa Tenggara, Georgia" It only means one thing. He is a man of the world! His simple wish is that our world would run peacefully, smoothly and justly.

So here are my latest friends. Thank You for following! Next batch of linky loves will come as new people join us! XoXoX...