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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Selection

I found this tag from Denise, and it should be six 5 things that are not important but makes us happy. And since there has been no news yet from the people that I tagged from my last post (except for The Bumbles), I prefer to not tag anyone today. But whoever would like to post and continue, that would be fine. So here goes mine:

1. Star glitter nail polish. Those little stars are so useless but so adorable!

2. Glow in the dark straws. I still can't figure out what its for. It doesn't have enough light to generate as a guide in the dark but I love them!

3. Henna tattoos. Extremely unimportant beautiful marks that washes off.

4. Body Paint clothes. Makes actual clothes useless. lol I tried this once and the paint feels cold on the skin. As you walk you don't really feel nekkid because the paint hugs you like a tight tank top. (I tried in on my top only tho. I'm not that daring to try full bod... yet)

5. GPS for cars. This one I am thankful that it was invented. But on second thought, its not really important coz wouldn't it be nice to take a road trip the old fashioned way? Use a map, ask directions and get lost? lol...

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