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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Wishes VIII

My simple wishes for this week...

1. They predict its gonna rain on Saturday. I wish it comes early because it's been so hot here the past days and at 31 degrees, even natives like us gets tired of the heat sometimes.

2. At work, people are getting fuzzed up by the big boss flying in from the States. I hope they stop pretending and just go on with their usual selves! Ugh!

3. That's why I love to escape the real world and go blogging! I just joined twitter and hopefully I get to add more followers and following.

4. I also joined Adgitize this week and here's hoping I earn more than at EasyHits. Lately, it's just giving me an average of 280 sites available to surf a day. I used to see 1,000+ on weekends. *Sigh

5. Lastly, I'm thinking of joining Project Wonderful too. But I wish to know more before I do. Like does it use paypal and how it works etc. I'm also thinking of having like an EC credits auction as who's gonna buy me as a referral. Would that work though? Any suggestions?

Now I better go to bed. It's 2am for Pete's sakes!


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