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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

1. I really haven't posted much about Eddy on my stories blog, but he was the longest relationship I had. And the deepest one. Today marks our "going steady" anniversary and I guess after all the hardships I have gone through with him, I am still thankful for the experience coz I wouldn't be as strong now if it wasn't for those times.

2. I am also thankful that I am a person who does not hold grudges. I do not forget the "bad things" easily, but the pain or feeling fades out faster. And I can live by acting as if nothing happened.

3. Last weekend my brother wanted to meet me for dinner. Since I spent the whole 2 days just bumming around the house, I thought why not give it a go. I was thankful I did. I haven't seen my brother for months and even though he didn't directly said it, I know he missed me too.

4. The talk I had with my brother Sunday eve was mostly about my mom and step dad. He was asking me why I was not really close to step dad despite almost growing up with him. On contrary, they were extremely close one would suspect they were biological. I'm thankful though that he does not know anything. I just said I guess maybe because I was a girl and not comfy around him like he is. But I guess he will never know.

5. Lastly for today, for a warm lovely night. Just me, in my silhouette lingerie, my music, the internet, and a glass of red wine before diving into bed. Mmm...